Day One (Apr. 10), UMN — Elmer L. Andersen Library 120

9-9:30: Introduction/Welcome/Thanks (Noam Sienna)

9:30-11: Panel 1: The Beginnings of Hebrew Print Culture

  • Chair: Juliette Cherbuliez
  • Elyakim Kassel and Moshe Rosenfeld: “Hebrew Printing Before Gutenberg? Waldvogel in Avignon”
  • Heide Warncke: “From Quill to Otiyot Amsterdam: Aspects of Hebrew Book Culture in 17th-Century Amsterdam”
  • Giovanna Truong: “The Typography of the 1609 Venice Haggadah”

11-12:30: Panel 2: Hebrew Type Between Analogue and Digital Design

  • Chair: Leslie Morris
  • Avinoam Stillman: “The Reprint as Gilgul: Historical and Personal Reflections”
  • Tyler Kliem: “A New Yiddish Typography: Reconstructing the Albatros
  • Raphi Halff: “Yiddish Initials: Digital Beginnings”

12:30-1:30 LUNCH

1:30-3:00: Panel 3: Hebrew Type Design in the Twentieth Century

  • Chair: Noam Sienna
  • Nitzan Chelouche: “Bringing Type into the 20th Century: German-Jewish Designers and the Hebrew Typographic Renaissance”
  • Noam Schechter: “Italics in Hebrew” 
  • Hillel Smith: “Utopia through Typography: Hugh Schoenfeld”

3:00-4:30: Panel 4: The Business of Jewish Printing

  • Chair: Meyer Weinshel
  • Motti Zalkin: “The Romm Printing House in Vilna”
  • Yael Levi: “Yiddish Typesetters on Strike! (New York, 1880s-1890s): A Window into the Business of the Yiddish Press”
  • Noam Sienna: “Jewish Job Printing in the Twin Cities, 1890-1950”

4:30-4:45: BREAK

4:45-5:45: Keynote Lecture

Introduction: Natan Paradise

Barbara Mann: “Materiality in the Archives: From Font to Book in Modern Jewish Culture”

5:45-6:45: Reception

Day Two (Apr. 11), MCBA — Open Book Performance Hall

9-9:15: Introduction/Welcome to MCBA (Elysa Voshell)

9:15-10:30: Panel 1: “Curating Jewish Type Collections”

  • Chair: Kate Dietrick
  • Caleb Sher (Yiddish Book Center), Sophie Edelhart and Kit MacNeil (University of Toronto, Massey College), and Shani Avni (RIT Cary Graphic Arts Collection).

10:30-10:45: BREAK

10:45-12:00: Panel 2: “Reflections from the Practice of Hebrew Typography”

Chair: Craig Eliason

  • Ari Davidow: “Sharing the Page: Multilingual Typesetting”
  • Misha Beletsky: “Pairing Hebrew and Latin Scripts: A Typographer’s Perspective”
  • Baruch Gorkin: “A Case Study of Hebrew Type Revival: Designing Venecia Hebrew”

12:00-1:00 LUNCH

1:00-2:00: Panel 3: “Contemporary Jewish Printing and Book Art”

  • Presenting Artists: Lynne Avadenka, Jacob Romm, Jay Saper, and Yehuda Miklaf

2:00-3:30: Exhibition Introduction (Robyn Awend), Tour and Reception

3:30-4:00 BREAK

4:00-4:45 Presentation

  • Mikhl Yashinsky, “A Drama Cast in Lead: Insights from a New Yiddish Play about the Yiddish New Testament”
    Performance of Excerpts from Di Psure loyt Khaim (2023)

4:45-5:00 BREAK

5:00-7:00: Interactive Printing Workshop